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Welcome to the office of J. Welches and Associates. We enable our clients to make the most of their brands through custom, highly-targeted creative solutions and strategies.

Our proven tactics have been instrumental in focusing and reshaping all types of businesses and we want to help yours succeed. No matter if your business is new, due for a creative recharge, or just not growing the way you think it should — we want to speak to you. We can help. Contact us today.

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J. Welches and Associates approaches our clients with one question in mind: How can we improve your business? Perhaps you want to open a new division, talk about your brand value or bring a new product to market — whatever your current need may be, if it involves marketing your business better, we are ready to assist you.

Many of our clients know exactly what they want and we are more than happy to oblige. But, some clients simply know something is missing. In either case, all of our relationships start with a conversation to make sure we're the company you need and want to work with.

The Associates

A team of tried & true designers, developers, programmers, and consultants make up The Associates. They are progressive, talented and business-minded creatives who demonstrate excellence in each project they work on.

Graphic Design & Illustration
Web Design and Development
Ongoing Website Maintenance, SEO and SEM
Online Database, Ecommerce and Ordering Solutions
Printing, Warehousing and Distribution
Business, Technology and Interactive Consulting
Social Media — because you have to these days…

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John Welches started this firm in 2008. He works with each client to understand their short and long term marketing goals, recommends strategies and provides ongoing support. Prior to J. Welches and Associates, he worked for an advertising agency where he helped establish over one hundred brand campaigns for real estate companies across North America. John graduated from UC Riverside with a degree in creative writing and lives in Orange, California with his wife.

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With a logo and Website in place, CORE Physical Therapy needed to implement a marketing strategy. Learn More

Wheatstone Academy Wheatstone Academy

After nearly a decade of name and logo changes, Wheatstone Academy was in need of a stable image that would allow them to move forward and expand nationwide. Learn More


As elite art brokers, TKO Art has worked with pillars of the entertainment industry and Fortune 500 companies. Learn More

Paul Kott Realtors, Inc. Paul Kott Realtors, Inc.

As one of the oldest independently-owned real estate brokerages in Orange County, Paul Kott Realtors, Inc. knows who they are and what their clients think of them. Learn More

Progressive Builders & TSW Builders Progressive Builders & TSW Builders

Progressive Builders contracted us to redo their Website. Simple enough. After an extensive dialogue, we realized more than a Website was needed to fulfill their goals. Learn More

Susan Straight Susan Straight

On the eve of publishing her seventh novel, "Take One Candle Light A Room," Susan Straight was ready for a Website. Learn More

Phil Hotsenpiller Phil Hotsenpiller

Phil Hotsenpiller is passionate about people and the arts. He needed a place where those passions can be discovered. Learn More

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